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About Joe & Liz Edwards

Joe Edwards

Real Estate is not just a career for me, it’s in my blood. In fact, my family was one of the largest home builder in the Portland Metro area from the 60’s through the 80’s. Allen C. Edwards developed some of the most sought-after and prestigious neighborhoods in Portland Metro area. Examples of neighborhoods bearing the Edwards’ name include Rock Creek, Terra Linda, Sorrento Ridge, Hyland Hills, The Meadows and Hidden Springs Ranch – to name a few. As a lifelong Oregonian I have personally witnessed Portland transform from a city the average person could not locate on a map to a city with its own identity and culture.

Liz Edwards

I have been a realtor serving my clients’ needs for over 30 years in the Portland Metro area. However, I am much more than an experienced Realtor-I am also a wife, Mom and a Grandma. Due to my vast experience with many Real Estate market changes, I have built a longlasting trust in my clients that keep them coming back year after year to refer their family, friends and coworkers. In fact I've established such a strong level of trust with my clients that some didn't even see their house until they moved in. In my free time, you can find me spending time riding my horse, Will. My love for horses has been in my heart for nearly 40 years; sharing horse chores and memories along with my beloved father at a young age. 

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